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"Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside awakes"  Carl Jung


Professional Psychotherapy & Counselling in Central Manchester & Chorlton


Most of the time we move through life feeling okay but sometimes we may feel unhappy, dissatisfied, worried or anxious. At these times it makes sense to seek some support and guidance.

Mary Keane Psychotherapy can help you to develop healthier responses to the tensions and confrontations of modern life, as well as helping you to understand your responses and where they come from. Only with this understanding can you begin to make the changes you desire in order to regain control and happiness in your life.


I am a fully qualified and accredited Psychotherapist. I have a background in Transactional Analysis but my practice draws from experience in a range of fields, meaning I can engage with what is unique about each person I work with. 

Mary Keane




It is natural for us all to experience some level of anxiety, but it becomes problematic when it is enduring and experienced excessively.

My support can help you to understand what the anxious response relates to, to make the unconscious conscious, and to be better able to develop healthy responses to the stresses and tensions of life.

Changing Behaviour

Whether it be a recognition that we are using alcohol, drugs, pornography or food in a way that is not healthy for us, a desire to change our unhealthy emotional responses such as excessive anger, or a longing to be free of an obsession or compulsion, psychotherapy can help to develop new ways of responding to your thoughts and feelings that lead to long term positive change.


How someone experiences depression will be individual to them, but for many it is accompanied by a sense of hopelessness. Depression can be debilitating and impact on all areas of life – work, relationships, physical health.

In a safe space, at a pace that is right for you, psychotherapy can help you to feel understood and supported, and able to figure out where the depression comes from and how it develops, and critically, to find a way out of it and back to hope. 



Our intimate relationships can provide a source of joy, security and love. They can also cause us difficulty and pain, and leave us feeling discontented. It is not only our personal intimate relationships that cause us to feel lost and isolated, but also our professional relationships and those with family and friends. The emphasis of my work is on identifying negative cycles and issues around communication that may be causing problems in your relationship. With new insight, you can decide what changes you want to bring about.

Self Esteem

Feeling worthless and having a low opinion of oneself causes incredible psychological pain, usually accompanied by self-limiting behaviours.

Psychotherapy with me is a process in which we can explore where these feelings might come from and, with new insight, you can make changes and decisions about yourself that lead you to a sense of your own value and worth.


“Thank you so much. I can't believe it is two years since I first came to you. You have helped me so much, helped me to discover the person I really am. That person deserves to be, (and is now), happy even when things get difficult”




A first psychotherapy session is an opportunity to find out more about therapy to enable you to decide if you want to embark on the process. Simply phone, email or complete the inquiry form and I will respond to your inquiry as soon as I can. There is no obligation to continue beyond this point, if you decide it’s not what you want.


0161 883 2661


Milton Hall, 244 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4BQ


Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy, 454 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M21 0BQ


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